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The Balanced Effect Method:

How To Balance Your Hormones So You Can Lose Weight, Lose The Mood Swings And Regain Energy And Confidence!  


The hormonal imbalances of perimenopause have turned too many happy, hopeful and vital women into frustrated & frumpy shadows of their former selves...but it doesn’t have to.  

We are here to put an end to the myth that aging means weight gain, mood swings, exhaustion and no sex drive so women like you can step into into the woman you were meant to be, effortlessly trim and happy without feeling deprived of one single thing.  

This is The Balanced Effect Method and you are just a few clicks away from learning the secrets to burning unwanted fat over 40 and transforming into your Fit & Fabulous identity.  

Hi, I'm Hilary! 

IIN Certified Health Coach and NASM Personal Trainer

I'm a former corporate leader who knows what it's like to be stressed out while juggling a to do list a MILE LONG! After I had my two sons, I pursued what I THOUGHT being healthy and happy was. Extreme exercise and dieting. While my body changed--I wasN't happier. 

In fact, I was in the best shape of my life, but I was the sickest.  

After developing hypothyroidism, auto immune disease and hormone imbalance, I learned that true freedom and happiness came from taking control of my self sabotaging thoughts. I realized that happiness comes from balance and balance of the three areas controls your body.  

From this, The Balanced Effect was born and I've been helping women like you all over the country transform into a completely balanced version of themselves. 

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